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Marshall Electronics Inc creates products for industrial, covert security, OEM and general application markets. Our camera products consist of CMOS Camera, 2 MP miniature cameras, 2 megapixel HD-SDI miniature cameras, bullet camera, lipstick cameras, color enclosed cameras, black and white enclosed cameras, color board cameras, black and white board cameras perfect for all industrial and general applications. Our OEM high-end optical lenses comprised of 140mm telephoto super low light lens, 300mm F3.75 telephoto lens, high zoom video microscope lens, 1.3 megaixel lenses, miniature lenses for CCD/CMOS cameras, pinhole lenses, CCTV lenses widely used in all industrial, video & Security industries. Our LCD monitors, LCD panels and LCD racks work for all your multimedia environments. The flexible articulated fiberscopes & borescopes kits along with our black and white articulated videoscope are perfect for industrial microscopic environments. Our Professional Audio Division & Cable and Connector Division are preferred suppliers to the professional audio community. Among the many products manufactured and distributed by these divisions are TAJIMI precision connectors (including Fiber Optics), Mogami, the premier cables for the music recording industry, and MXL Microphones.